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Treating Operation
Treating Plant The UWT treating operation consists of 2 cylinders, one dedicated to round stock and one used primarily for square stock.

Cylinder #1 is 8' in diameter x 121' in length while cylinder #2 is 6' x 34'.

The process is carefully controlled by a computer system with an extensive, redundant safety monitoring program.

Cylinder 1
Treating Plant Controls
The proven safe Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) chemical is received in special trucks at 60% concentrate and diluted to 1.4%-7% for usage. Treatment levels attained are from 0.40lbs/cf to 2.5 lbs/cf depending upon the application. Treated products include marine plywood, bridge timbers, pier decking, cross arms, X bracing, bog shoes, freshwater piling, salt water piling, and poles.
Treating Plant Tanks Pump_Room
After the products are treated, they are bored and analyzed for the proper chemical retention. This analysis is done with an x-ray analyzer to determine the chemical level in the wood at a predetermined depth. If the chemical level conforms to the customer's requirement, the wood is marked as acceptable in the framing yard. This is accomplished with a stencil hammer in the butt of a pole or piling, or an ink stamp on a square stock product. Treating engineer, Chad Greggory, calculating assay
Hypalon liner The treating plant was designed with the focus on safety and environmental protection. The entire plant was built on a hypalon liner with compacted clay covered by concrete having water stops in every expansion joint. All rain water falling on the pad is used in the process and unused chemical is returned to the tanks for reuse.All treating equipment is located inside a building for protection from the elements and long life.